Maine’s Hottest Winter Trend Is Just a Sleeping Bag With Arm and Leg Holes Cut Into It

Freeport —¬†Mainers are leading the nation when it comes to fashion. If you’re wearing a plain old jacket this winter, we hate to tell you: you’ve been left behind.

The trendiest Mainers have long known about LL Bean’s extra-long, ultrawarm jackets, but this winter Mainers are keeping warm inside a sleeping bag with arm and leg holes cut into them.

And they look fabulous!

The sleeping bag is made of the same slippery, shiny material as a regular, ho-hum winter jacket, but it’s even warmer. It only makes sense for fashionistas to don one on their way to frolic in a winter wonderland.

Maine’s newly opened ski resorts are already bustling with this year’s high fashion statement, and LL Bean is already having trouble keeping up with demand.

“We just got on top of Bean Boot orders from all those people in Williamsburg, and now we can’t keep our ultra hip sleeping bags on the shelves,” a representative from LL Bean told us.

The sleeping bag craze is great news for anyone cool enough to want to keep warm.

One Maine fashion bug can’t wait for the colder weather.

“I remember my grandmother wrapping herself in a sleeping bag every night,” Linda Perry told us.

“I always thought she kept her house cold because she couldn’t afford to heat it, but what I didn’t realize at the time was how much of a fashion pioneer she was. Go Gramma!”



Author: Seth G. Macy

Real American.

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